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Lin Robertson digital-conjurers at ROADRUNNER.COM
Sat Mar 8 19:28:03 EST 2008

As an OT myself, whenever I gasp at the price something, I always go to 
"The Inflation Calculator" to see if we're really being hosed or not:

..covers all the way back to 1800!

Not especially pin-point accurate, but it does give some idea.

On a lighter note, I am always reminded of a scene from a comedy where an 
OT (like me) keels over, no shock unit can be found, and someone says, "We 
have to give his system a shock somehow!"

So someone leans over and yells, "Hey!  Things cost more!"

He then comes alive again with an "Oh, no!"


73 DE Lin/KJ6EF


of At 04:08 PM 03/08/2008, you wrote:
>Inflation is a bitch. If you buy something, hold it, then sell it for the same
>amount of REAL value (but in inflated dollars) the government rips you off 
>for the
>fictional 'capital gain'
>The government causes inflation, then turns around and taxes you on 
>it.  It's the
>biggest scam going.
>Jim Simmons wrote:
> > [snip]
> > It's called inflation.  Back then the middle-class wage was around 
> $2.00 per
> > hour.  You could buy a new Chevy 1/2 ton pickup for around $1250 (6
> > cylinder, standard transmission and stripped with no extras such as radio
> > and heater).  Coca Cola, Pepsi, RC etc were 5-cents with a penny deposit on
> > the bottle if you took it with you.  Gas priced varied greatly, but 
> averaged
> > around 25-cents per gallon. [snip]
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