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BKGarcia n8nn at EARTHLINK.NET
Mon Mar 10 21:39:36 EDT 2008

I've decided to make the chassis (only) available to Pastime kit builders.
The chassis will come as a kit, requiring only cutting, sanding, drilling,
and painting by the builder.  Prices range from $85 to $299, depending on
the type of wood you select.  Note, the chassis is made from 100%
recycleable material.

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> OK let's see you sell one cheaper that is just as good, smarty!
>> I have to say this is the biggest joke I have ever seen, The hand full of
>> parts they give are things that all of us have in our Junk Boxes, the 
>> power
>> Supply sells for $109 + shipping and the Transmitter for $60 + shipping 
>> and
>> he is trying to see you the Xstal at an extra charge, Boy I sure hope 
>> that
>> guy can sleep at night...Chris

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