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RAY FRIESS rayfrijr at MSN.COM
Wed Mar 12 22:19:08 EDT 2008

You know .. I worked in broadcast radio for over 30  years.   I am still trying to figure out WHY so many
ham operators insist on having or are so enamored with having broadcast quality audio on their rigs, whether
new rigs or boatanchors.
If someone wants to be in broadcast radio, go into broadcast radio.  We arent shortwave broadcasters or
commercial broadcasters.   We're hobbyists with the goal being to communicate with each other, not to broadcast
symphony orchestras or the latest rock and roll.
I'm not complaining ....   I'm just wondering and commenting.   The motivation is a real puzzler....

> Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2008 22:10:47 -0400> From: w4pnt at highspeedlink.net> To: johnson at mailman.qth.net> CC: boatanchors at mailman.qth.net; boatanchors at listserv.tempe.gov> Subject: [Boatanchors] TURBO RANGER FS> > Dee Almquist wrote:> > Upcoming I will sell a rebuilt, modified audio (more like a super > > charger), new cab & panel, plug & play Ranger-1. This will include > > latest mods including TRUE AUDIO COMPRESSION, not to be confused w/ a > > clipper. Audio will be set up for crystal mic like a D-104. This > > COMPRESSOR is a circuit that was used many years ago in BC consoles, a > > clever circuit that has been solid stated instead of the old > > "engineering" light bulb & photo cell. The ss device thanks to the > > efforts of Chuck Felton who did a write up last year in ER mag on this > > circuit. This Ranger audio will put more peak power in the side bands > > w/o over modulation, more like BC audio. It will also have a power > > control (knob & pot located under the crystal cover), for purpose of > > driving a big amp. RF output you can expect 45 to 50 watts.> >> > Price not including packing & shipping $1300. w/ warranty & complete > > documentation.> >> > Questions? Ask> > 73 es Dee> >> >> >> >> >> > _______________________________________________
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