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Lin Robertson digital-conjurers at ROADRUNNER.COM
Sun Mar 16 16:59:55 EDT 2008

At 05:58 AM 03/12/2008, you wrote:
>Is shortwave a short-timer?

"If it's Digital, it MUST be better!"  I am SO tired of hearing this from 
the Bean-Counters.

They're throwing out the baby with the bathwater in the name of saving money.

SW Radio goes right from the transmitter directly into your radio set; no 
routers, no proxy servers,  no cable lines, no ISP "providing" it to you at 
a monthly ransom; and most significant of all, no governmental entity 
stepping in and censoring what you can and cannot receive.  (Yes, I know 
about jamming...half the time it doesn't work well, and there are 

Ever since The Suits took over The Net, they've been champing at the bit to 
bury traditional radio.  One day, when a big solar flare kicks out the 
satellites, or a natural shift in the Earth's crust does in the Internet 
lines under the oceans, or some such, we're going to be very sorry they did 

"Learn the new, but keep the best of the old," doesn't seem to have 
resonated with the buck-chasing Technocrati at the Beeb ("Make me an Earl, 
I just saved us 25 Pounds!"), or other Euro broadcasters, or for that 
matter, some on this side of the Atlantic.

Just my .02


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