Help valuing an AR-88 that UPS destroyed last week --

Tom Norris at GMAIL.COM
Fri May 2 00:49:13 EDT 2008

I've been fairly lucky with USPS, UPS, FeEx and DHL.

The only broken items I've received were due to lack/no packing.  I  
once ordered some fairly rare european car parts, only to have a  
rattling box of broken glass arrive.  No padding, newspaper or  
anything.  The seller just tossed a pair of heavy headlight  
assemblies into a used box and sent it on it's way USPS.  What's just  
as surprising is that they accepted his package.

My only other bad shipping experience was also with car parts -- RPS  
(Roadway) managed to lose 2 bumpers and a quarter-panel somewhere at  
their transfer hub in Nashville.  They never found them.

Both of the above were quickly settled by the sellers.

I've never had any sort of radio, tube, anything else arrive damaged.  
(or damaged enough to comment)
Now that I've used the word "never" the next package I get will be  
crushed..... heehee

Tom NU4G

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