Knobs and dials

kd4e doc at KD4E.COM
Fri May 30 10:39:12 EDT 2008

 >> Search the whole store for dials or knobs as I may have edited old
 >> listings and have stuff in the wrong category.
 >> Rick -= N6PE =-

Are the ebay Stores the same as the ebay auctions?

I know they are owned by the same company but aren't
they mostly designed to compete with brick & mortar
"main street" stores and malls?

My understanding is that most of the items in an ebay
"Store" are for sale at a fixed price or for an offer.

Prices are still higher than a fest, or a deal among
friends on a list like this, because one pays a fee
to ebay for providing a larger customer base plus
their resources to host your "Store".

As for George's comment, it is nice to first offer stuff
to fellow Hams on these lists, but nowhere is it required.

The problem with promoting ebay on lists like this is
some guys abuse the privilege and spam the lists with
frequent self-promotion & defending against that can make
a moderator's volunteer service a nightmare, so many
simply do not allow it at all.

This tends to be a list where guys respect one another
and exercise self-restraint - something that still
represents the majority in our fine hobby!


Thanks! & 73, doc, KD4E
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