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Hi Guys... Looks like the old SCAM artist W6CHR Chuck Groome is starting to scam folks again if you read below... We all remember I am sure the days of the GLOBE KING 500D that he scammed a boat load of guys on and how many guys never received their money.  BEWARE guys if you are new to this group... He got me for $5000.00 about 8 years ago. If you sell to him make sure the money is really green before shipping, NEVER NEVER give him a credit card and never take his word as gospel.  This is all just an FYI/...

Very Best 73's,

Bob W1PE


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Hi Robert,  Richard ki5dx gave me your name as someone who might be able to help me.  Last June via telephone and e-mail Chuck Groome w6chr agreed to purchase a vintage radio GRC-14 receiver working with original manual plus shipping for $300.00.  I am recently retired and am downsizing my 50 year old radio collection.  I was leaving for my lake cabin and received an e-mail that the "check" was in the mail and thus shipped him the receiver.  Weeks went by and no check.  Numerous phone calls only to be told that he had maileed it.  Later I mentioned that I was restoring a Collins S-line station and needed a 1500 pfd 7kv cap for my 30S-1 Linear.  He told me that he had a junker and would send me one as a favor.  None came.  He then claimed that he has sent another check registered but none came.  No number was provided so I could trace it.  Despite repeated friendly phone calls and e-mails I have never been paid.  I even had my attorney send him a letter but no response.  I visited with Richard ki5dx and he told me that Mr. Groome has a long reputation of scamming.  I would very much like to get justice.  I dont think he ever intended to pay me and that his actions are fraudulent.  I have an excellent paper trail of e-mails, the receit from UPS and a photo of the receiver (no serial number).  One thought I had was to donate the radio to a local club and let the club go after him.  The radio is worth around $300 to $400.  The money is not the issue.  It gives me and amateur radio a bad taste to have a fellow ham esssentially steal a radio.  Can you help me?  Thanks Derek Oldenburger k9fqo  misty1126 at earthlink.net  

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