Looking for large tuning knob for Hammarlund HQ-140-X

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Tue Nov 11 08:11:00 EST 2008

Are the knobs black or reddish-brown?  Both types were used on the HQ-140X.

Glen, K9STH

Website:  http://k9sth.com

--- On Mon, 11/10/08, Bob Groh WA2CKY <rgroh at SWBELL.NET> wrote:

From: Bob Groh WA2CKY <rgroh at SWBELL.NET>

My HQ-140-X has a non-standard main tuning knob and I would like to replace it with the correct one. The main and bandspread knobs are the same and I believe the HQ-150 (and possibly other Hammarlund's of that general age) have the same knobs. If someone has one, I would greatly appreciate it if you could drop me a line at <rgroh at swbell.net>.  Thanks.


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