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In my personal experience it seems to depend on the radio, and the 
circuit.  I have a RX-1 Mohawk that had all the stability of a floating 
dice game, until I replaced the 12AT7 master oscillator tube (a Generous 
Electric) with a Sylvania.  I tried several GE's, but they all 
drifted.  Now, the thing only drifts 100-300 Hz in an hour.

I guess it depends on the application.


At 08:03 PM 11/24/2008 -0500, you wrote:
>Need some help on tubes.
>My sx101a lost part of its hearing and selectivity and when I checked the 
>tubes I found that the 12BY7 was weak. I replaced it with one that tested 
>better along with a different 12AT7 and it seems to work much better.
>My question is this. Is there one brand of tube, namely the 12BY7, that is 
>better then another and the same goes for the 12AX7 and 12AT7?
>I have never paid particular attention to what brand of tube I use.
>Tnx & 73

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