Would like Globe Scout 680A schematic and parts list

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Sat Oct 11 21:56:37 EDT 2008

I would use 450 volt electrolytics in series for additional voltage protection.  The original 700 volt units were probably 2 each 350 volt capacitors in series.  The 450 volt capacitors are not that much more expensive than 350 volt ones.

I don't have a Globe Scout 680 or 680A but do have a Globe Chief 90A that I got to duplicate my original Novice Class and early General Class station.  Here are some photos 


Glen, K9STH

Website:  http://k9sth.com

--- On Sat, 10/11/08, Robert Groh <rgroh at swbell.net> wrote:

From: Robert Groh <rgroh at swbell.net>

Thanks, Glen, for the info.  Good to know about the lack of circuit changes. My 680A does have two large shields that the 680 does not have so they must have been added by the original builder.  Going to leave them in as I am not interested in a 'restoration' but rather want to get this ol' baby going again.  One of the electrolytics is a 3-section electrolytic and I think I will will 'electrically' remove that (physically leaving it in place) and replace with 3 separate caps. Existing 700V electrolytics will be replaced with 2 caps in series with balancing R's.  Next week I'll tackle the job!


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