HeathSB Dial problerm

hudlerb1@netzero.com hudlerb1 at NETZERO.COM
Tue Oct 28 00:09:29 EDT 2008

Hello all,
I am close to finishing an SB640 Ext LMO rebuild, and basically at a stop and can go no further...

I can not figure the best way to make the zero set pulley work properly.

The damn thing does not touch the large circular dial at all, chassis tolerances and such are way off. I would think the optimum setup would be at least half way into the little pulley.

The flimsy chassis of the VFO causes all sorts of problems making this work also. The LMO mounting is not close at all, so something has never been right with this kit. 

I have two one sided pulleys left to get this working, I've even tried JB weld to attach the other side of the washer/pulley assembly on the shaft.....

Expert help much appreciated. Bruce WA3MKC 73's

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