Original Collins Radio Manuals for sale - Updated repost with those manuals sold being deleted

Terry Muncey radioera at YAHOO.COM
Tue Oct 28 12:25:26 EDT 2008

In case some of you folks missed this post of 10/23/08, here is  an updated list with those manuals having been sold being deleted.

Subject: Original Collins Radio Manuals for sale

I have the following list of Collins original manuals (not copies) for sale.  All of these manuals are in very good original condition and contain operation, technical and service information including schematics and parts lists or as described.  These all came from a deceased ham radio operators estate.

51J-4        10th Edition, 1962                                                                        $ 35.00 
51J-3        August 1952 Including 51J3 service parts list book, 1955                  $ 40.00
51J-4        15August1954 Edition                                                                   $ 35.00
51J-2        1951 Edition                                                                                $ 35.00
51J-4        Original Sales Brochure (Color printing)                                         $ 15.00
51J-3        Collins Radio factory copy of manual                                              $ 20.00
Signal       Collins Radio original booklet, dated Spring 1971                             $  7.00
205G-1      Collins transmitter, 1955                                                               $ 25.00
32RS-1      Collins Transceiver, 7th Edition, 1962                                            $ 25.00
242F-3       Collins VHF Transmitter, 2nd edition, 1957                                    $ 25.00
136C-1      Collins Noise Blanker Manual, 3rd edition, 1960                              $ 20.00
75A-4        Collins Ham Receiver, 2nd edition, 1956                                        $ 35.00
See--->     Collins Mechanical Filter book, 353B-08/12/31/60 used w/SP600     $ 15.00
See--->    Collins High Frequency communication equipment price schedule      $ 20.00 Binding cut, 1965
212M-1     Collins broadcast monaural console (audio board)                           $ 25.00, 1966
See--->    Collins broadcast Twintape Monaural System                                  $ 25.00, 1968
See--->    Collins Radio Assembly Operator's Training and Methods Manual, this manual was the "BIBLE" for assembly operators in
                building Collins Radio equipment and contains the following sections:

Assembly tools
Common Hardware, parts and materials
Color Code and its Application
Part Numbers, pprocedures and designations
Wire connecting
wire preparation
Mount component with hardware
Cable assembly
Cable and connector assembly
Mount components to printed circuit boards
Miscellaneous Operations
Assembly writeup and operator performance chart

It  also has appendices for hookup wire code, electrical and electronic symbols, color codes, polarity guides, transistor base diagrams, part and assembly designations, tables of useful information, definitions and training excercises.

This is a rare book, rarely seen outside of Collins Radio itself as the information was Company proprietary and contains the very essence of their super high quality procedures and control.   I will sell it for $ 100 and shipping.


Mailing costs as follows:

Qty                Cost
1                      5.00
2                      8.00
3                     10.00
4                     12.00
More                Will quote

Canada or Mexico mailing available at the following rates:

Qty                Cost
1                   7.00
2                    10.00
3                    15.00
4                    20.00
More                Will quote 

Export - Overseas mailing available at the following rates:

Qty                Cost
1                    12.00
2                    15.00
3                    20.00
4                    25.00
More              Will quote

All you Collins collectors out there in radio land know how hard it is to find original Collins manuals, so here is your chance.  This is all I have at the present time, but will post other manufacturers manuals at a later time.  I have a very large warehouse full of old electronic books and manuals so if there is anything you are looking for specifically and have not found, send me an email and I'll see I might have it.

Oh I forgot to tell you I can negotiate credit card payments as well as paypal.  First come, first served.  If you see one you want use this secure weblink for ordering from this manual list.  The ordering by card or paypal link is https://www.radioera.com/order.htm
Just reply to this email if you are looking for a manual or want to order via phone or have a question (phone 214-358-5195).

One more thing, as the ARRL winds down on their inventory of the QST-VIEW CD's (they are out of many of the series and are not restocking), I can provide all years from stock as well as the entire series since I was the creator of this series for the ARRL.

Thanks for reading this long post.

Terry, W5OAS


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