Tubes for trade

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Wed Sep 3 16:51:42 EDT 2008

I have a number of tubes that need to find a new home.  These include

3 each 6155 - 2 RCA, 1 Eimac  These are the same as the 4-125 except that they do not have the metal ring around the base.  Motorola used to use these in the lowband and highband 250 watt output base stations.

1 each 4-125 Eimac

2 each 3CX100A-5.  These are the ceramic replacements for the 2C39 UHF triode.

5 each (at least) 8072.  These are identical to the 8122 except that they do not have the fins for air cooling.  I have known some who have removed the fins from defunct 8122 tubes and put them on 8072 tubes.

1 each 3B24

1 each 4CX300

At least 1 each 4CX250B (may have more)

Several 8562A tubes.  These are the same as 4CX250B except that they are conduction cooled rather than air cooled.

Several 832A

At least 1 829B (I use the 5894 series tube instead)

All of these tubes are new.  Most are in original box.

Frankly, I almost certainly will not use these.  Besides, I probably have more around "somewhere"!

I would prefer to trade for . . .  Am interested in boat anchor "stuff", various accessory items, UHF transverter (432 MHz or 1296 MHz), or . . .

Basically, you have to "tickle my fancy" because I don't really need much of anything.  However, I "want" all sorts of things.

Also, I have some other tubes that were used primarily in Motorola and General Electric FM equipment including some Compactron tubes that GE used in the final amplifier stage.

Glen, K9STH



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