Drake Receiver

Wilson Lamb infomet at EMBARQMAIL.COM
Thu Sep 4 14:18:07 EDT 2008

Some of us are trying to clear an estate.  The family said sell the stuff 
and give the money to the church.  It's all gone except for a Drake 2C and 
Speaker with Qmultiplier.  Condition is OK, but dusty and rx panel a little 
tired.  Shipping will be $25 or so.  I'm thinking this pair should be in the 
$150 range.  Cleaned up ones were a good bit more at the recent hamfest.  I 
know it  has worked in recent times, but I don't know when.  If someone is 
serious, I could power it up and look for smoke.  I do not have time to do a 
major checkup or repairs.  I'm thinking that if anyone wants it they will 
expect to do a cleaning and fix anything needing work.  The chassis are not 
pitted, just fairly grubby.  I wiped at some of the dirt and found smooth 
metal underneath.

I have a 2B, but have never seen a C before, so I think they may be less 

Well, that was a long way to say RX for sale.  Any interest?
Wilson, W4BOH 

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