AR-88 receiver that appears to be the one stolen from me --

Kevin McDonald ktmaustin at SBCGLOBAL.NET
Fri Sep 5 14:48:04 EDT 2008

I sent a message to the seller asking about the radio and this was the 

Dear ktmcdonald,
I bought it legally at auction on a pallet with other items as a lost 
freight item which is how I get most of the things I sell. It was lost 
somewhere is a shipping companies system, probably UPS or fedex. The person 
it originally belonged to would have been paid for it through shipping 
insurance as long as they had it insured as they should have. They are 
making a stink over nothing and telling lies. If they want it back all they 
have to do is buy it. It no longer belongs to them. I am not going to just 
hand something over I paid for and obtained honestly. They need to take 
their problem up with the shipping company. It is not my problem. I deal 
with this sort of thing all the time. People are paid for their lost freight 
through insurance and expect to get it back for free.

I'm looking to unload some radios so the moral of the story for me is insure 
things adequately and accept that they may or may not make it to their 

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