[Boatanchors] Upgrade question

Bob Peters rwpeters at SWBELL.NET
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Gee Carl sounds familiar... I took the train the good old Maine Central from
Bangor to Boson in 1959 to take my commercial exam... Passed the 3rd and 2nd
at the Customs House... I had a Conditional Amateur ticket and I wanted to
get the real thing well guess what I flunked it by 1 question!!! The old
examiner looked at me and said " Son I cannot do that to you, Your just
tired, Since you passed the 2nd consider you are a General." About 6 weeks
later I got all three in the mail. Not allowed to drink adult stuff was just
17 ...By the way got the Extra and First in the early 70's..

Bob W1PE

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When I took my Extra a bunch of us from National Radio went all of 10 
miles to the FCC Boston office on a bright warm day the day after 
Incentive Licensing was effective (1968 ?).

Everybody passed what they wanted and we then proceeded to a nice 
restaurant with outdoor tables and commenced  to eat and load up on 
adult beverages.

Driving home was harder than the exam..........


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> Though I'm a 20wpm Extra, every time this thread starts, I feel like 
> burning my license in despair at not having crawled five hundred miles 
> through the blowing snow and over the burning desert to the FCC office 
> to take the exam from Satan himself.
> Apparently no real ham ever did otherwise.
> Harry Vaught, KT4AE
> Maryville, Tennessee
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