FS: Elmac mobile pair - update

Robert Groh rgroh at SWBELL.NET
Thu Apr 2 14:48:51 EDT 2009

Just a few more comments on my previous email regarding the Elmac PMR-6A and AF-67.

No manuals.  I have been using downloaded manuals for my work so far.

While checking the pictures in my Picassa web album, I noticed a battery tucked in the bottom of the AF-67.  It is a 22-1/2 V dry cell battery (positive to ground and negative to the center tap on the audio input transformer (I think)). Don't think this is standard - I just returned from removing it - no sign of battery decay but I don't ever leave batteries in equipment.  I did add a note inside the chassis indicating what I had done.

I also noticed that there are two slug tuned coils over by the crystal socket - they look like they were added by the owner at some time.


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