Spring Shack Cleaning

The Pollacks rinkies at ATT.NET
Sun Apr 5 23:26:14 EDT 2009

Treasures abound!  Who among us could live without:

Meissner Signal Shifter, untested, copy of manual, seems complete  $75


Globe Chief 90, almost complete, all knobs, manual, needs some restoration


Halli S41W, parts or restore, partially disassembled, appears complete $25


Heathkit AC1 Antenna Coupler, copy of manual.  Holes drilled for SO239 on
front, replaced with orig type standoff  $50


Heathkit SA 5010 Keyer.  Worked for a while when I got it several years ago,
but quit.  Complete, copy of manual, includes paddles in drawer.  $25


Heathkit Signal Tracer, IT5283.  Untested but looks very clean $35


Heathkit VOM IT 5284 Works and looks good.  Missing connector for wallwart
in back. (May be inside case!)  $30


Hallicrafters S120, works and looks very good, copy of op and service
manuals.  $60


Panel Meter for DX 40, thin crack vertically thru center of face, but works
fine.  $15


Yaesu Speaker/Mike, YM24A untested $10

Heathkit 336 HV Probe for VTVM.  Looks like it could measure a lightning
strike!  With cords, untested, looks fine  $20

Heathkit RF Probe for VTVM.  Looks good, has double banana plug, could
easily be changed to ¼ inch plug, untested, but there’s nothing but a
resistor and a diode in it!  $20

Eico Low Capacity Scope Probe.  Untested.  $10

Simpson 30KV high voltage probe, original box, looks like never used.  With
instruction sheet.  $20

HP 545A Logic Probe Untested  $20


Kenwood TM201A 2M transceiver.  Powers up, don’t know if it works or not,
with mike and mobile bracket  $20


Drake TV 3300 Low Pass Filter, nice condition.  $25


Another copper colored low pass filter, (I believe), looks just like the
Drake, but unmarked.  $20


Johnson SWR Bridge, new in box.  This is the unit that goes in the line, and
is to be connected to an external meter.  $20


As always, tantalize me with interesting trades and tempting offers.  Want
this stuff out of my garage.  XYL concurs, not reluctantly!


Add actual shipping cost, everything carefully packed at no charge.  Checks,
PayPal, barter, Kruggerands, almost anything!


Ron K2RP


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