Dee Almquist w4pnt at COMCAST.NET
Mon Apr 27 15:06:48 EDT 2009

Fellow Radio Techs
Its not because of lack of interest on my part but lack of time I've 
decided to trade off my GRC-14 station. TRADE? YES. I'm looking for 
authentic / real RAIL ROAD POCKET WATCHES or certain hi grade wrist 
watches. I will consider certain marine chronometers. NO JUNK but need 
not be working well. I want untouched pieces worked over by an amateur 
watch repairman (not refering to fellow hams, hi). Another trade I would 
be interested is a Collins 75A4, untouched/working. Tech work is not a 
problem for me. Perhaps some one might have a Collins KWS-1 orphan power 
supply or parts? This could be part of the trade.

What I have is an R-808 rx, working, the tx power supply, & transmitter. 
I have no plugs or cables but know where to get plugs, mic & few other 
needs for same. I have a manual that is being copied (my cost is $75 on 
that alone!). Condition, judging from the tx, is very clean. The tx is 
the only unit I can lift (w/ sons help. 180#!!). No way can I lift the 
pwr sup out, about 300#. Outside is clean, meters all there & look ok 
but outside will need a bath & plugs/pins cleaned. It appears nobody has 
been inside the tx so no mods, unless it was done @ depot.

I worked a trade w/ a CB'r who was ready to  destroy the tx & supply for 
the parts & I just could not see this nice old station going this way. 
Basically thats the only reason I have it & I had to do some "deep 
trading" to get the station.

NOTE: I WILL NOT SHIP THIS STATION. We're talking about 600 # of station 
& some strong guys! I live in Waynesboro, Va. in Shenandoah Valley half 
way down the state, 10mi E. of Staunton, Va, off I-81. I have pics for 
serious folks.

If interested lets talk........
73 es Dee

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