More Shack Cleaning

The Pollacks rinkies at ATT.NET
Wed Aug 19 01:28:57 EDT 2009

Thanks to all who helped me in my quest to make room in the garage.  Here's
some stuff that didn't sell, and some more goodies:




IM 5283 Signal Tracer.  No manual, looks real good $20

IM 5284 Multimeter.  See above. $20

HV Probe 336W $15

Scope Demodulator Probe $15


MFJ 1621 Portable Antenna $50

MFJ 482 Keyer.  Have no info on this.  I think it needs work.  $20


Gonset Communicator IV.  Copy of manual.  Receives and has output, but
otherwise untested.  Power cord and copy of manual.  Cosmetically challenged


Ballantine 3028B nice digital multimeter $65


Drake TV3300 LP Filter  $20

Another LP Filter, looks same, but no markings $15

HP 10004B Scope Probe $15


Nice Hallicrafters S120 with copy of manual.  Looks and works good.  $60

Halli S41W, partially disassembled.  I think it's complete.  For parts or
ambitious restoration  $25


I'm sure I'll find more!  I have lots of parts, variable caps, etc.  Let me
know what you need.  You never know!


As always, offers, interesting trades, etc. welcome!

Ron K2RP

Encinitas CA



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