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You mean they allowed that REDNECK from Arkansas
into Florida. I thought for sure the US
Immigration service would do a much better job
than to allow Bill entry to Florida. After he left
Texas and went to Arkansas we closed the border to
him to be able to come back. Now he needs a green
card to enter and no one will give him one.



Very Best 73's,


Bob W1PE








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Hamcation - Good Despite Economy


Had a WONDERFUL TIME at HamCation:

All the people of HamCation group who put this on
should be congratulated again for a great job and
a fun filled hamfest.  

I talked to people from all over and under as a
matter of fact.  At least two Aussie's came by our
tables.  Friends from Sacramento Calif, Texas,
Kansas, Iowa, Kentucky, South Carolina, New York,
Canada, Georgia and of course Florida, plus more,
came by.  I LOVE the camaraderie  that these
events create.  HAMS ARE GREAT!!!! 

Wrapping up this ragchew.......... 
W5SJ, Bill Priakos,  KD4E, Doc(and family), my
wonderful wife Elva and I had four tables next to
each other and HAD A BLAST.  Elva got a lot of
Dust Cover orders and met a lot of nice people

Thank you all for coming by, stopping to just talk
and/or bought or didn't bought.  We enjoyed every
minute...................welllllllll, almost every
minute...              read on....

MY complaints are:  bad knees, bad back & bad
memory.  Plus too wide to make it through some
isles without bumping people, not enough time to
go through the other tables, tail-gaters area and
NEVER made it to commercial area at all.  
I did enjoy all of it, however, AND am Looking
forward to next year.  

Bob W5UQ  and XYL Elva Hardie     Tampa  FL
See W5UQ.com

PS... hey Doc, I think Bill, W5SJ brought two
Yaesu black hats to our tables.  He gave you one
of them I thought.  They didn't smell like fish to
me... HI HI HI....  oh... hopefully you could be
talking about two other Yaesu black hats?  :-D :-D
OR did you mean black cats that smelled like fish?

kd4e wrote: 

We attended Hamcation in Orlando on Friday and
Saturday and despite the mess that the politicians

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