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Sat Feb 21 09:58:00 EST 2009

Ham Publications For Sale:

Some are vintage, and some more modern.
All are in excellent condition, unless listed otherwise.

Sylvania Tube Manual
This tube manual has a 1951 date in it, and is the 8th
edition of the Sylvania "Technical Manual".
It starts with 0A5 tube and goes up thru 20CP4 CRTs,
with a lot of 6 volt tubes in between.  It also includes
such tubes as 80, 117L7, etc.
The book is in good shape, although the pages are slightly
yellowed (what would one expect for a 58 year old book!).

Bash Book
This is the book that started it all, back in the 1970's.
"General Class Test Guide, The Final Exam" listing all of
the General Class questions and answers. Nice condition. $8

ARRL Antenna Book
1974, 13th edition, smaller size
pages show yellowing $8

W2AB's "Second Op"
This is the large (about a foot in diameter) "wheel"
that has a lot of DX information on it.
By turning the wheel to the call sign prefix, the continent,
zone, and country is shown, along with great circle beam
headings from different parts of the country. In another
area, postage rates are shown, but I am certain that info
is outdated.
This is the "New 7th Edition - Fully Computer Revised".
It is in good condition. $10

ARRL Hints and Kinks for the Radio Amateur
1974, smaller size, $8
1989, 12th edition, $8
1997, 14th edition, like new, $14

ARRL How to Become a Radio Amateur, 1970, 26th edition,
Extremely nice, close to new condition,
with many vintage ads in the back, $15

ARRL Understanding Amateur Radio
1977, no edition number listed, $8

ARRL Handbooks:

These are in the smaller format (6 1/2 by 9 1/2 inch size).
They include tube charts and ads for vintage equipment,
which are not in the newer handbooks.
1977 - 54th edition - Good condition $10

More modern, larger 8 1/2 by 11 inch format:
1981 - 58th edition - Nice shape $13
1982 - 59th edition - Good condition $11
1985 - 62nd edition - Like new $17

ARRL Operating an Amateur Radio Station
1976 - 57th edition $3
1978 - 58th edition $3
1983 - 61st edition $3
1984 - 62nd edition $3
1989 - 63rd edition $4

ARRL Radio Amateurs Operating Manual, 1985, 2nd edition, $8

Ham Price Guide - 2nd Edition
Lists prices of used ham gear - $5

Call Area Map of the World
33 x 24 inches in size $5

Vintage ARRL Licensing material:

ARRL License Manuals - $3 each
1977 - 76th edition - All classes
1979 - 77th edition - All classes
1984 - 79th edition - All classes
1984 - 80th edition - All classes
Technician Class - 1989 - First edition
General Class - 1989 - First edition
.........1997 - Second Edition
Advanced Class - 1985 - First edition
.........1990 - Third Edition
Extra Class - 1988 - Third edition

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.
Media Mail shipping is relatively inexpensive.

Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
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