Next item from my garage sale -- a rather rare Globe/Hy Gain HG-303 novice transmitter

Mike Langner mlangner at SWCP.COM
Sat Feb 21 21:07:04 EST 2009

OK gang -- as I continue trying to relieve the weight on my overloaded
garage shelves. . .

For sale: a Globe/Hy Gain HG-303 archetypal novice cw transmitter.

It's a real classic -- a 6146 driven by a 6CL6 oscillator.

It accommodates two crystals inside the cabinet, and one plugged into the
front panel.

Both tube test above tube manual transconductance on my Hickock 600A tube

I have not plugged it in -- and I hope the purchaser, if there is one, will
bring it up on a Variac.  Right now I have a Henry Tempo One in pieces
sprawled all across my workbench, so there's no room to test this one.

The most recent price I've seen go by for one of these is $135.  But, as
with all of us on this listserver, I'm not after "top dollar."  If I were,
it'd go straight to eBay. I'm after a good new home for this transmitter.

So -- the first $85 gets to give this really neat radio a new home.

Pictures are available via email upon request.

The price is "plus shipping" from 87114.

When I took this transmitter apart to check the tubes, it still had "new
transmitter smell" inside it!

Thanks in advance for any interest you may have !!


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