Help identifying Old Superior Electric Variac

Dennis Wade sacramento.cyclist at GMAIL.COM
Mon Feb 23 13:00:42 EST 2009

For those who might be interested in a follow up, I received a (very
prompt) reply to my email to Superior Electric on the above topic.  It
is copied below for your interest.

   Superior Electric wrote:

       Hi Dennis,

We cannot identify the unit you have other than it was made in the late
40's early 50's and that it appears to be a modification of our standard
design. If you can find any additional ratings or numbers on the unit we
may be able to offer further assistance.

Best regards,

Sue Laramie
Customer Satisfaction Manager
Superior Electric
28 Spring Lane, Suite 3
Farmington, CT 06032

Thanks to all for the both on and off list replies.


Dennis L. Wade
Carmichael, CA

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