IC tester

Paul Kraemer elespe at LISCO.COM
Sat Jan 24 12:40:39 EST 2009

There was such a high level of interest in the HEathkit IC-7400 tester that 
I would like to say to all who answered:
(1) Thank-you. It is gratifying to see such interest in an allbeit old 
tester but one which is in almost remarkable clean condition
(2) I will try to get some pictures with price posted someplace later this 
weekend (safe answer as wife has commandeered my free time today and most 
know what that means).
(3) I have saved the replies in order received and will extend that order to 
anyone interested in it after the pictures have been posted.
(4) Seems only fair to me.
Thanks again. Hope it is warmer by you than it is here.
Paul K0UYA 

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