[Boatanchors] Electric Radio Magazine

Gary H. Harmon, Jr gharmon at IDWORLD.NET
Sat Jan 24 18:55:10 EST 2009

One of the best purchases I ever made was to buy all the back issues to have
a complete set.  It's a marvelous magazine especially if you have BA flowing
through your veins.

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On 24 Jan 2009 at 11:58, Robert Nickels wrote:

> > Contact ER.  They generally have back issues available for a very 
> > reasonable rate.
> >   
> I second that, and will add "Please buy the back issues and do not 
> copy and share Electric Radio articles without the publisher's
> ER is a wonderful magazine dedicated to a unique aspect of the ham 
> radio hobby and I just don't think it's fair or ethical to share 
> articles when the publisher makes them readily available and this is 
> part of the revenue he relies on to keep the publication going.  We 
> all know about copyright, and moreover, about right and wrong.
> http://www.ermag.com/
> 73, Bob W9RAN

ER has a deal: 48 back issues of your choice for $100. At $2.09 an issue
that's got to be a great deal. So how do I find out what's in which issue?


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