Heathkit IC-7400

Paul Kraemer elespe at LISCO.COM
Sun Jan 25 18:30:30 EST 2009

Finally got the photolisting worked out
See tester for sale at http://s358.photobucket.com/albums/oo28/ee_design/
Although this is basically a TTL  tester, with a simple resistor change it 
can also do CMOS logic chips.
The TTL input threshold level as set in tester is just a bit too low for 
CMOS. I would make that change and use for both. I tried it and it works.
The manual is included. Unfortunately this is time when Heath did not 
include the schematic in the manual. It was a separate "illustrations" 
packet, which is missing. Fortunately, the circuitry is very basic (simple) 
power supply and test circuit repeated 16 times. There is sufficient info in 
the operations section of manual I don't see it as a problem.
Asking price is $50 or reasonable offer considered plus insured shipping PP 
or UPS at cost.
Purchase cheerfully refunded (less shipping) if not completely satisfied.
As mentioned yesterday, due to responses and not having the pictures ready, 
I am posting this and notifying those who have expressed an interest. 
Selection will be made in order request was received.
Any questions please contact me direct elespe at lisco.com 

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