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Here is the answer on the Viking II Folks


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My understanding of the Johnson Viking 2 line is
sort of like this:


The original Viking 2 was the replacement of the
Viking 1,  It had a pair of 6146's instead of the
expensive 4D32 final.  

Also had much better TVI shielding. Could be
bought as a kit or assembled.


The Viking 2 'CD' was factory wired and had PTT
factory installed.  It also added a circuit to
prevent over-modulation.  

The CD manual is the same as the regular Viking 2
manual and is on BAMA.


The above models cover the original Ham bands.


The Viking 2 'CDC' is sometimes referenced as the
Canadian  CD ?  It is like the CD plus it can be
continuously tuned from 1.7 to 30.  

The CDC manual is almost the same but a little
different - let me know if you need a copy of that


I have one of each of these units and operate them
all from time to time.  Also a Viking 1 that runs

I have a 122 VFO but generally run on Xtal
control.  These are great AM rigs and fun to play

The manual says to use a 100 watt light bulb for a
dummy load and  that works great.  


73 Jerry K5KXD


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