FS: Drake TR-4 w/ps & mic $295: Hammarlund HQ-180A $250

Al Parker anchor at EC.RR.COM
Thu Jan 29 20:18:11 EST 2009

   Drake TR-4, s/n 23674  --   Nice condx, not mint, rare, or
such, just nice, as in OK.  Has some scratches and chips on the covers,
basically the signs of use.  Some pitting on chassis, I've seen many much
worse, some better.  It's been fully checked out, parts replaced as
necessary, gets good output on all bands.  Includes an AC-4 p.s. and a
Shure mic.  I've used the whole setup on the air.
    Price of $295 does not incl. shipping from zip 28560.  It is all boxed
up (a buyer backed out) , in 3 boxes, total of 45 lbs.  Est. shipping cost
within 1000 mi. is $35-40, you can check at Fedex.com to your own zip
More info and pix can be seen at

    Hammarlund HQ-180A -- I have just been thru this receiver to replace
anything that needed it, done alignments, etc.  It's  operating very well.
Priced at  $250, plus shipping from 28560, ~55lbs.  Low price as I
need the space, and trying to stimulate the economy ;-)    I have had it
on as a "shop listener" for many hours. The front panel has some light rust
on it, and one paint area has been touched up, as can be seen in the detail
pix.  The "Bandspread" label has been replaced with a decal as the original
lettering was badly damaged.  The cabinet has been repainted, and looks very
Pix & additional details at http://www.boatanchors.org/hq180a_sn8202.htm
    Any questions?  Pse email for answers.
tnx, 73,
Al, W8UT
New Bern, NC

"there is nothing -absolutely nothing- half as much worth doing as simply
messing about in boats."
   Ratty, to Mole

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