[Boatanchors] CRL "Couplates"

J. Forster jfor at QUIK.COM
Sat Jul 11 17:04:49 EDT 2009

If it merits the trouble, you could make up a small PCB and put SMT parts
onto it, then dip in colored epoxy. Likely not worth it for a one-off, but
it'd look pretty good, IMO.



> When I restore some of the older gear I occasionally run across these
> little couplates.
> Yes, I can (and do) replace these units with discrete components but I
> wonder if anyone has figured out a way to 'glue' them all together to make
> them look somewhat like the originals?
> I know that it is not necessary, but it would help to maintain some of the
> original looks of the rig.
> Gene, WØQFC
> Spring Hill FL
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