rick darwicki n6pe at YAHOO.COM
Mon Jun 1 00:52:58 EDT 2009

I have a very sad S-meter that appears to be from a Hallicrafters R45. The face cover was plastic and is curled and useless. The markings on the dial are partially washed away. The movement is OK, or at least it is if it is supposed to move from right to left, resting on the right side.

I can redo the lettering by appling a decal over the original plastic and replace the cover with a glass face. There is a hole in the back for a pilot lamp.

The R45 was apparently similar to an SX-28 and might use the same meter guts, but in a square case.

Question is, is it worth the trouble, I.E. anyone out there in need of this goodie?

Rick, N6PE
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