FS: E.F. Johnson Viking Transmitter

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Mon Jun 1 09:23:13 EDT 2009

FOR SALE: E.F. Johnson Viking II Transmitter

Runs about 120 watts out on AM and CW with two 6146 RF final tubes.
Covers 160m through 10m bands. Has a ten position crystal selector 
switch or use with external VFO.

This fine old AM-CW transmitter is missing the top cover and needs 
a new AC power cord.  It has not been gone through or restored, but 
will clean up very nicely.  All the tubes are here. The main components 
are all there and look to be in good condition. This rig is built like a tank. 
It's also very simple to work on and understand. 

Crystals available, or use with a VFO. Comes with a copy of the manual.

Available for $235.00 plus shipping 

Pictures and details at:

 73 - Brian "Bry" Carling, AF4K
= = =
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