Eico 720 - bad pwr xfrmr - parts unit - $5 without tubes, $15 with tubes -- plus shipping

Mike Langner mlangner at SWCP.COM
Tue Jun 9 18:00:07 EDT 2009

Hello all !

I just can't bear to throw this Eico 720 away -- as it has many usable
parts.  The power transformer has smoked -- what a terrible smell, that hot,
acrid enamel!

The unit appears otherwise intact.

It's available with its tubes (all checked, bad ones replaced) for $15 plus
shipping, $5 without.

I suspect with a power transformer replacement it would likely work.
Resistance check are nominal.  The power transformer primary DC resistance
is 2.5 ohms, which seems a bit low.

This Eico 720 is going to be yet another restoration project I'll never get

For anyone in a position to replace the power transformer, or who needs
coils, meter, switches, etc. this could be a very useful unit.

Cosmetically it's in remarkably good shape -- except for the nicotine
that'll have to be cleaned off the front panel. It appears to have been
owned by a smoker.  I bought it a couple of years ago from eBay as a
restoration project.  I can understand why the seller said "I have no idea
if it works."  Clearly the eBay seller either didn't test it, or didn't want
to admit that it didn't work!

First taker gets it -- I'll start packing it as soon as I hit <send> in
hopes it'll find a good home.

A good looking copy of the manual is available from BAMA or from one of its
mirror sites.  Thanks again, BAMA!!

Thanks !


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