Question on Hallicrafters HA-1 keyer - knobs

Robert Groh rgroh at SWBELL.NET
Wed Mar 11 15:34:00 EDT 2009

I have two Hallicrafters HA-1 keyers and each has a slightly different front panel and type of knobs. I need some opinions on whether the HA-1 ever had the type of knobs shown on the second keyer (description to follow). 

I put pictures of both  in a Picassa web album at:

< >

Keyer #1 uses the familiar Hallicrafters knob of the 1960s such as used on the SX-111 etc.  Keyer #2 uses a aluminum skirted knob like that used on the HT-32, SX-101 et al. All the pictures of the HA-1 I have seen show knobs like Keyer #1.

On a lesser note, the lettering for 'T.O. Keyer' on Keyer #1 is in a script lettering while Keyer #2 has a more normal script.

So my question - does anyone know if the HA-1 ever had aluminum skirted knobs like #2 or (as I rather suspect) these were added by a previous owner.

Thanks to all for your time.

Bob Groh, WA2CKY

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