Clock needed for Heath

John Bauer W4AWM at AOL.COM
Tue Mar 17 18:22:33 EDT 2009

Hi Glen,
Carey's idea is great and may be the final cure. I have had quite a bit of  
success with a bit less work. If your clock has the round sealed gear box,  
drill a hole at the top only large enough to fit the spout from a WD-40  spray 
can. Drill this hole with the gear box in an inverted position if you can.  
Drill it very slowly and don't allow the bit to penetrate the gearbox further  
than the edge of the hole. Remove the bit slowly. This is to keep as much debris  
as possible from entering the mechanism. Turn it right side up, carefully  
insert the WD-40 spout and spray away. It may take several tries to fill it up  
since it is sealed and there may be some pressure kickback. Let it set  
overnight, or you can plug it in right away, but you may not see results until  the 
WD has fully penetrated. I did the clock on my Drake C-4 about 5 years ago  
and it got very quiet and started keeping very good time.  I have used  this 
method on several other clocks with equally satisfying results.
John,  W4AWM
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