Mike Holkenbrink taichiwe at ATT.NET
Wed May 6 18:27:05 EDT 2009

To:  Bob, W2AMI
I appreciate your suggestion of a terminal strip.
The use of a terminal strip sounds like an equivalent function item.  However, terminal strips are essentially male connectors while the original pin jacks are female connectors. The terminals are at 350+ volts to ground; I believe this is why the original pin jacks are female connectors.  This potential on male connectors would be a safety hazard.
The original pin jacks are what was designed for the purpose and to maintain safety. 
To retain originality of the radio restoration, I desire to stay with the relay jack strip.  I will continue my search for an original replacement part and install it when available.
In order to get the radio operational in the short term, a 1940 style crystal socket will be used.  I do have one of those.

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