Looking forward to Dayton Hamvention

Bill Fuqua wlfuqu00 at UKY.EDU
Fri May 8 11:59:10 EDT 2009

I will be heading to Dayton Next week.
Hope to find some neat stuff. Unfortunately my 1984 GMC van bit the dust
and I can't take much cool junk up there this year. In any case, I will
have my usual spot if anyone wants to come by and hopefully my TX tube tester
still works. I will check it this weekend. Have not used it for a while.
If you are going you can e-mail me your contact info while there and I will 
be happy to
distribute to any others that email. Now that most people have cell phones 
it is easy to
contact them. Two Meters usually gets saturated during the Hamvention.
   I will try to get the emails out on Tuesday.

Bill wa4lav

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