Duplex Outlets - Fire hazard - TVI

rick darwicki n6pe at YAHOO.COM
Thu May 21 21:57:25 EDT 2009


My house was built in the 70's and does not have all aluminum wire, but it does have copper coated aluminum wire.

With the recent 6-meter openings I decided to try the SteppIR and Pro III out on 6-meters and I was causing some audio RFI on the TV. With the DirecTV antenna cable disconnected it was still there. Moving around the room changed the level of the RFI.

I unplugged the DirecTV box from the power strip and plugged it into the wall socket. The RFI jumped up about 30 db louder and decreased when I wiggled the plug.

I pulled the duplex outlet out and it had #12 push in wires that were noticably arced and apparently were the source of the problem because replacing the outlet knocked out any sign of TVI.

I think is is time to go around the whole house and replace all the outlets with the compression type.

Rick, N6PE
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