help w. X'former ID

Lewis C. Emerson lemerson at JUNO.COM
Sat May 23 15:33:50 EDT 2009

Hi folks,
Having to leave hamming (under protest) after 65 great years, so have to unload, dispose, sell, give away, toss out, etc.much stuff.  Have sold most of the rigs, but still have a few Boat Anchors. I was very much into building so have a veritable store here of parts of every kind (like A to Z).  The nearby e-bay store will take items that will go for $40 or so, that's where the rigs went.  I don't think they want individual small items - resistors, caps, tubes,x'sistors,  ICs, meters, switches, x'formers, chokes, small wall plug-in  pwr. supplies, mikes, terminals, lugs,
Bud boxes, keys (straight and bug), Greenlee hole punches, etc.
The unknown x'former is a heavy brute (20+lbs.) with the only logo being  a small "T" within a small circle. (Thordason, maybe).  the number on the top is 901892-501.  There are ten individual soldering lugs on top, two rows of three marked Nos. 1 - 6, and two rows of two terminals, one row marked 15-1 and the other 15-2.  I might be able to get the voltage ratings with a low-voltage filament supply and a VOM, but I don't know how to get the current ratings.
The other heavy brute is the crank-up tower, two beams, rotator, cabling, etc  Are there ham nets that specialize in parts, etc.  The only other ham net I'm familiar with is
Thanks es 73 to all,
Doc, W4ITJ

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