SP200 Mods and Questions

Steve White Stever2k at MCHSI.COM
Sat May 23 12:06:57 EDT 2009

Hi Everyone

I picked up a functional BC779 or a SP-200 at Dayton and it has some
different tubes in it than what is in the manual.  Most notably the IF amps,
6k7 have been replaced with 6SN7's.  There is also a mod to the detector
circuit of some kind.  Where the headphone jack was there is a rotary switch
installed which affects the demod...Product Detector perhaps? 

Is anyone aware of a mod that would replace the 6K7's with 6SN7's or was
this a change in the manufacturing?  It is serial number 762.  Or is anyone
aware of a mod that used the 6SN7 in this application.  The tubes are
considerably different beasts.

Any input would be most helpful

BTW it is cleaning up very nicely and without any work it seems to work
pretty well.

Steve NU0P

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