FS: Military Headphones

George Babits gbabits at CUSTERTEL.NET
Sat Nov 7 14:51:14 EST 2009

In cleaning out I found 4 sets of military headphones all of which I'm
 offering for sale.

Headset and Microphone for WS-19.  This is still sealed in the original 
military packing.  Package marked, "Microphone and Receiver Headgear No.1 
$35.00.  Fits in large flat rate box so postage would be $15.00 within the 

 HS-33 Headset.  This has the leather covered double headband (HB-7) with
 ANB  receiver elements.  There are no cushions on the receiver.  This has a 
full length
 cloth covered cord and PL-55 plug unlike the usual short cord with PL-54
 for  aircraft use.  $20.00 plus postage of $12.00 to lower 48 states.

 HS-23 Headset.  This has the HB-7 headband and R-14 receiver elements.
 Foam  rubber cushions are badly deteriorated.  Comes with the extension 
 (CD-307?)   $20.00 plus $12.00 for postage to the lower 48 states.

 H-116(?)  Olive Drab headset with single vinyl covered headband.  MX-240/U
 left and MX-239/u right receiver elements.  With extension cord $20.00 
 $12.00 postage to the lower 48 states.

HS-30 with cords ending in PL-55.  Missing one of the rubber ear pieces. 
$8.00 plus postage

 I think 2 pairs of phones, maybe 3,  will fit in the larger flat rate box 
 if you want more than one headset you can save a little on postage.  The
 larger flat rate box runs about $15.00.

 Thanks for looking,

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