FS: G-66 Power Supply

George Babits gbabits at CUSTERTEL.NET
Sat Nov 7 17:04:54 EST 2009

Have for sale a Gonset 3069-6 power supply.  This is the "universal"  AC/DC 
power supply for the G-66 and G-66B receivers.  It is the larger unit with 
built in speaker.  Wired for 6 volts and has 6 volt vibrator (dead).  Move a 
pair of wires and plug in a 12 volt vibrator for 12 volt operation.  Good 
output when fed with AC.  Comes with AC and DC (6 volt) cords (non original) 
and schematic copy.  This is also complete with the bakalite cover for the 
rear terminal strips and mounting screws.  Selling for $50.00 plus postage.
Thanks for looking,

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