FS: Ameco CN-144 & PS

George Babits gbabits at CUSTERTEL.NET
Sat Nov 7 17:16:09 EST 2009

Have a very nice Ameco CN-144 2 meter converter.  Output frequency is 14 to 
18 mcs. Comes with copy of instructions, and fully tubed. These are gerat 
converters and I am currently using 2 of the 6 meter versions.  This is the 
later version with 3 nuvistors and one tube.  Untested but looks like new. 
$30.00 plus postage.

Ameco PS-1 matching power supply for above converter and other converters in 
the series.  Looks like new but not tested.  $35.00 plus postage.

Homebrewed power supply for same converter that plugs into the converter 
like the PS-1 does.  This is about half the size of the PS-1.  Not tested. 
$20.00 plus postage.

All three for $75.00 plus postage.

Thanks for looking,

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