[Boatanchors] Capacitor Bridge Reccomendation

J. Forster jfor at QUIK.COM
Tue Nov 10 20:45:16 EST 2009

Hi Larry,

That's very, very kind of you. The folks at the Massachusetts are working
very hard to get these things operational. I'm CCing a copy of this email
to Chris Nardi, the Curator of Battleship Cove.

Thanks again,



> Hi J. Forster,
> I have an Eico 950 that I built in high school so I don't want to dispose
> of it.
> However I have two TO-4 Sprague testers.  I will check out both of these
> over this next weekend and if
> both work I will send you one. I believe I have the manual and I will
> include a copy of it also. They may need some
> caps replaced and some TLC but neither of them have been abused.
> I will be happy to donate one of them to the Battleship Massachusetts
> along
> with the shipping to get it to you.
> Thanks for all you do to help keep these Battleships for all to remember.
> A number of years ago my wife and I were privileged to experience the
> Arizona (which unless you have been there and seen the diesel fuel still
> bubbling up)  It was a very moving experience. Seen it on tv many times
> but
> nothing like being there in person. The same with standing on the deck of
> the Missouri where the instrument of surrender was signed.  We both look
> forward to going back and doing it again.
> 73 Larry WA9VRH
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>> I'm looking for a good Capacitance Bridge and Leakage Checker for the
>> Battleship Massachusetts. I'm thinking of something along the lines of a
>> 60s+ vintage Eico, Heath, or similar unit.
>> The basic requirements are:
>> Cap Range:  <100 pF to >100 uF.
>> Leakage to:  >450 VDC, 600 VDC or higher a real plus.
>> Manual:  Included or readily available.
>> It's main use will be to check oil filled caps in WW II radio and RADAR
>> gear.
>> I'm think something like the Eico 955 or 965. Price is an important
>> consideration.

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