12 volt dynamotors & vibrapacks (and rotary inverters?)

Michael Tauson wh7hg.hi at GMAIL.COM
Sat Oct 3 21:11:20 EDT 2009

In my quest for power for the early rigs (both the neo-antique
1920s-1930s ones and the 1950s ones), I've been trying to find the
items mentioned in the subject line.  While 6 volt equipment would be
significantly more realistic for the neo-antiques, I'm not entirely
sure I know where I'd get 6 volt auto batteries now that wouldn't cost
several anatomical parts I'd really rather not lose nor a charger for
them to run from a well-hidden or well-disguised modern genset.  As a
result, I think I'm stuck with 12 volt equipment and a necessity to
cause 12 volts to become 6 volts for heaters and stuff like for the

Several 12 volt dynamotors come to mind, none easy to find, of course,
and all of them seem to have end bells which, from some of the
pictures I've seen, weren't on a good number of the surplus dynamotors
available to hams during the 1930s.  (Cooling?  Not worried about
dust?  Just didn't think of it?)  In the interest of attempting to
look right, would there be any real problems removing the end bells
from existing dynamotors (should I encounter the ones I want) aside
from the obvious bit about dust, dirt and the accumulation of curious

An alternative is to make a fake ... er, simulated vibrapack using an
inverter and power transformer in an appropriately made box so no one
has to know what's actually inside.  If the power requirement is low
enough (and they will be in most neo-antique cases), a real honest to
Mergatroid 12 volt vibrator power supply might even work ... not that
I've seen one of them recently either.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

BEst regards,

Michael, WH7HG
Hiki Nô!

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