Coax Brands K5MGR's history with one brand --

Mike Langner mlangner at SWCP.COM
Sat Oct 10 11:36:41 EDT 2009

Another readily available coax RG-8/RG-213 I've used for years is BuryFlex
from Davis RF.

I have no connection with nor am any part of or related to anyone at Davis

The jacket is made from non-contaminating PE, which at our New Mexico high
desert altitude is very important!

I have placed their product atop a local 10,000 foot mountain (lots of UV),
used in in my home ham radio shack both direct-buried and exposed, and have
yet to have a problem.  Here's a quick manufacturer's summary of the

Manufacturer's blurb from their website:

BURY-FLEX (TM) is a 50 ohm cable with double shield yielding 100% shield
coverage, consisting of a 97% braid shield which is tinned for ease of
soldering and corrosion protection, PLUS a bonded foil shield for added
moisture protection. The velocity factor is 82%. With a loss factor of 2.9
dB/100 ft @ 400 MHz, it is quite competitive with 9913 and LMR 400 (the
latter which requires expensive connectors). BURY-FLEX uses standard
PL-259's or the standard N connector, available from us.

Quite important is the fact that this cable uses a PE (Polyethylene) outer
jacket which is highly abrasion resistant, as compared to PVC which is not
nearly as durable. This product is direct buriable and PE is
non-contaminating to its dielectric or to other cables it is bundled with.

More info is available at

End of manufacturer's blurb.

Again, I have no connection with this company or product other than years of

Mike Langner, K5MGR, Albuquerque, NM

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