B & W Electronic T-R Switch and other boatanchor items FS

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B & W Electronic T-R Switch and Other Boatanchor Items For Sale:

B & W Model 380 B, Electronic T-R Switch
This is the unit to use if you want full QSK on CW.  It is much
faster than a DowKey relay, and does not require any manual
switching.  The 380 B is the model that has an SO-239 for the
receiver, and a "T" connector for the antenna and transmitter. 
Johnson made a similar electronic T-R switch.  This one appears
to be in nice condition.  $40

Waters "Universal Hybrid Coupler II" Model 3002

Most of us would likely call this a phone patch, but it
is really much more than that.  It does work as a phone
patch, but also will interface with a tape recorder, and
permit recording and play back of on-the-air QSOs.  It
will also play the tape recording in to the phone line.
Of course nothing says that the tape recorder input must
be used with a tape recorder.  Connect the sound card in
your computer in this position, and you have a very
effective interface.

This one is Model 3002, and also includes a speech compressor
powered by a 9 volt battery.  The front panel is finished
on both sides, with one side having it set in a horizontal
position, and the other in a vertical position.  It is
presently in the vertical position.

This was a "top of the line" unit years ago.  One only found
them with top stations such as Collins.  Of course it will
still do the job it did then.

This particular unit is in extremely nice condition.

With paper work for $100.

Yaesu YD-844 Desk Microphone

This is a 50 K impedance desk microphone that really looks
sharp. It has a standard PTT switch on it, and also a
locking PTT switch. The YD-844 dynamic base station microphone
is an optional accessory made by Yaesu. Made of a heavy cast
metal it uses a dynamic 50K ohm element.

A picture can be seen at

This particular mic works fine and looks very close to new.
No scratches or imperfections. $100

Lafayette EAM-15 dynamic hand microphone
2000 ohm impedance can be used any place a dynamic mic is needed.
Stripped and tinned leads.
It works fine, and looks good also. $25

Regular hand microphone
Electret Condenser microphone
Generic Black mic, with gray PTT bar. Requires polarizing
voltage. $25

Heath Phone Patch and SWR Bridge:

Both of these units match the Heath SB series.

Heath HD-15 Phone Patch
This is the unit with the VU meter on the left and 3 knobs
that match the SB series to the middle and right. Low or
high Z output to the transmitter. It can also be used as
an interface to the computer for PSK31, etc. It is in
good shape. Paper work included for $25.

Heath HM-15 SWR Bridge
It is an HF SWR Bridge, with SO-239 connectors on the back.
The front has the meter on the left, and two knobs to the
right. It is the same size as the HD-15 phone patch. This
one works fine and is in nice cosmetic shape. Paper work
included for $20.

Heath HD-19 phone patch
This phone patch is made to match the Apache, Marauder, etc.
It is about 7 1/2 inches wide and 4 1/2 inches high.  The
large VU meter is in the middle.  Below the meter is a
single connector mic jack, two small chrome knobs for xmtr
and rcvr gain control, and a larger rotary on-off switch
with chrome knob on the right.  A small knob on the back
adjusts null, and there is a terminal strip for connections.
Of course it works fine.  With paper work for $20.

B & W "Filter Facts"
This booklet explains how low pass TVI filters work,
why they are needed, and why you should use one.
No date, but appears to be 1950 or 60's vintage. $5



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