Remote Antenna Switch

Bob Jackson bob at NOFROWNS.NET
Mon Oct 26 10:46:52 EDT 2009

Guys -

I'm in the market for a remote antenna switch of the type that switches ports via a DC voltage through a common coax feed line.

I've seen several advertised with MFJ being the least expensive (there are other concerns there). All seem to have the same, to me, undesirable characteristic of requiring a constant DC voltage to keep the selected relay "on" (all other ports being DC grounded). Are there any switches out there that employ latching relays that use, for example, a "push on/push off" design. That is, every application of DC causes the relay to change states but once changed doesn't require DC to stay changed? The "constant switch voltage" design would seem to me to invite relay "chatter" as wear sets in as well as some other unwanted consequences.

Any advice, opinions, remarks, experience, etc. will be welcomed. The engineering isn't difficult so DIY isn't out of the question, but if there's something suitable out there, why bother?

Thanks & 73 to all,

Bob  AG5X

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