FS Hickok Model 536 tube tester

Charlie Hugg - K5MBX k5mbx at HUG-A-BUG.COM
Tue Sep 1 01:07:47 EDT 2009

I have for sale my Western Electric KS 5727 L1/Hickok Model 536 Tube Tester.  This is a great tube tester and has served me well.
It is in good condition and is accurate. This is the one with the Line Volt meter.  Hickok made it and it is identical to the Hickok Model 536 
except it has two red button labeled "P4". One for locking "P4" and the other one for unlocked "P4". It has the same basic circuit as the
Hickok 539 series of tube testers. The 536 is also very similar to the Hickok 533 except the 536 has the addition of the separate line voltage meter. Like the 539, it has the added feature of having two power transformers. One for supply to all the heater (filament) current and the other
one to provide all the test measurement voltage/current. This one also has the noise test feature. This is a good reliable, accurate tube tester.
This one is in great condition. I can send pictures. It has some wear on the cloth covering of the cabinet, but not as bad as most.
Price is $375 plus shipping. Thanks, Charlie Hugg, K5MBX CCA#307  

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