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Sat Sep 5 12:25:30 EDT 2009

Vintage Electronics Publications For Sale:

All are in excellent condition, unless listed otherwise.

1941 National Radio Institute Course:
Practical Radio Television
This course is in a very thick binder, similar to an RCA
HB-3 tube manual.  It consists of 45 separate lessons,
covering such subjects as Intro to Radio, Low Frequency
Amplifiers, Receiver Diagrams and How to Analyze them,
How Oscillators Work, Light Sensitive Cells, and much,
much more.
This course is in good shape in the binder.  $30

Like New ARRL "A Course in Radio Fundamentals"
By George Grammer, 1972
This book has a lot of really good information in
it, and is considered a classic.
This particular book looks just like new, even
though it is over 30 years old. It really looks like
it was not used at all. Included with it is the
original sales receipt. $15

1977 US Callbook
It may have your call sign in it, if you were licensed
in 1977. This particular book is in extremely nice
condition. Although it is over 30 years old, it looks
very close to new, other than having a previous owner's
callsign on the front. $15

B & W "Filter Facts"
This 16 page booklet explains how low pass TVI filters
work, why they are needed, and why you should use one.
No date, but appears to be 1950 or 60's vintage. $5

Tydings Co. Wholesale Radio Catalog
Tenth Anniversary Edition, Features the "New" 1940 radios.
No actual date in catalog, but the phone number is a 3
digit number with no prefix. 176 pages of vintage gear.
Book is in great condition. $20

Taylor Tubes 1940 Catalog and Manual
Lists detailed tube specs, but also has circuit diagrams
using them, and even has complete full rack transmitters.
Really a neat catalog.  48 pages.  $12

ARRL How to Become a Radio Amateur, 1970, 26th edition,
Extremely nice, close to new condition,
with many vintage ads in the back, $15

ARRL Understanding Amateur Radio
1977, no edition number listed, $8

Bash Book
This is the book that started it all, back in the 1970's.
"General Class Test Guide, The Final Exam" listing all of
the General Class questions and answers. Nice condition. $8

ARRL Handbooks:

These are in the smaller format (6 1/2 by 9 1/2 inch size).
They include tube charts and ads for vintage equipment,
which are not in the newer handbooks.
1977 - 54th edition - Good condition $10

More modern, larger 8 1/2 by 11 inch format:
1981 - 58th edition - Nice shape $13
1982 - 59th edition - Good condition $11

Transistor Substitution Books For Sale:

All are in excellent condition.

Sams Transistor Substitution Handbook
Second Edition, 1961, 112 pages, $5

Sams Transistor Substitution Handbook No. 10
Tenth Edition, 1970, 160 pages, $6

Sams Transistor Substitution Handbook No. 14
14th Edition, 1974, Larger book, $8

Sylvania ECG Semiconductor replacement guide
1976, larger book, 276 pages, $8

Sylvania ECG Semiconductors Master Replacement Guide
1979, larger book, 360 pages, $10

Sylvania ECG Semiconductor Master Replacement Guide
1987, larger book, about 700 pages, $15

Archer Transistor Replacement Guide
62-1015, No date listed, 8000 substitutions, $5

Archer Transistor Substitution Guide
276-2000, 1972, 15,000 types, 96 pages, $5

Allied Dictionary of Electronic Terms
Fifth Edition, 1960, like new condition, $10

Gonset ORIGINAL manual:
Gonset Noise Clipper Model C $4

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.
Shipping via "Media Mail" is relatively inexpensive.

Ken, W8EK

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